Terms and Conditions of Hire

The hirer must be over the age of 18 and will be fully liable for any damage or loss of equipment.
The height of the users must not exceed the height of the walls of the inflatable.

1. The hirer will be responsible for the safety of the inflatable and the people on it.

2. The hirer will be liable to pay the full retail price for the repair or loss of equipment.

3. The equipment must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult.

4. All extreme boisterous behaviour to be stopped.

5. Do not allow anyone to sit on the sides, climb, swing or hang from the walls, beams or step
of the inflatable. This is for their own safety.

6. No more than 6-8 children on the inflatable at any one time. It is advised that no mixture
of age to be on together to avoid banged heads, nosebleeds etc.

7. No persons should use the inflatable under the influence of alcohol.

8. No footwear or any other hard, sharp or dangerous objects which could cause damage to
other users or the equipment. i.e. buckles, pens, purses, hearing aids, glasses etc should be

9. No food or drink to be taken onto the equipment.

10. No persons on medication should be allowed on the equipment.

11. Should the equipment fail for any reason, all children should be removed immediately
to prevent injury or possible damage to the equipment. Subsequently, no children should
be allowed on the inflatable until it is fully inflated.

12. No person should interfere with electrical or petrol assisted equipment unless authorised
by the owner.

13. No person should move the inflatable from the erected position.

14. The inflatable is not to be used when slippery.

15. The inflatable is not to be used in the rain without the use of a raincover.

16. The inflatable is not to be used in windy conditions (maximum wind speed 19-24mph).

17. The inflatable is not to be used by adults unless the inflatable is a specific adult
castle as specified by the owner.